About Us

We are a mobile and PC game development studio
based on Antalya/TURKEY.
Hope you enjoy our games!

We are a mobile and PC game development studio based on Antalya/TURKEY.

Foxpider games was actually founded in 2017 under a different alias, but it was in 2021 that we established the company under its new name officially. We developed PC games first, and now we are also working on mobile platforms.

With 2 PC games and 50+ mobile games under our belt collectively, we strive for ever greater games that will make place in the hearts and minds of gamers. We make fun games and have fun making them.

That’s what we do here in Foxpider, we enjoy making and playing games.

Our vision is to develop high-quality games that ooze atmosphere, and to have fun while developing them. We firmly believe this is the secret recipe for success, both in PC and MOBILE platforms.



We create and cherish new ideas.
But we also honor the classics.
We dream first, and design next.
Before the first line of code is written, the whole architecture and design is put o paper.
Or to whiteboards.
Or to the glass walls of our office.
Anywhere we can all see during the production, really.
We keep the polish up from the first day onwards.
We keep polishing from the last day onwards as well.
Every good game deserves updates.


We have assembled the most professional and highly skilled team, each member of which contributes to the structuring and optimization of work.