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We hope you enjoy our games!

Because we try to enjoy as much as possible while doing our jobs!

As a principled game studio, our vision is to make quality games that we think we will have fun while making. In this way, we think that we will achieve success both on the MOBILE and PC platform

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We are a mobile and PC game studio from Antalya/Turkey.

FoXpider Games actually founded in 2017 with different name. Then in 2021 we have establish it officially. We started with PC Games first, then in 2019 switched to mobile platform and now we are making games on both platforms. 

Our team gathered together after personally working on more than 50 hypercasual games seperately.

Since then we have been making fun games in a fun way ^^

Mobile Hypercasual and Pc(Steam) Game Studio

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Our Featured Games

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Paint Army

Shoot your enemies with your paint gun and eliminate them to change their color for make them surrender!

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