Foxy Archer

Little Foxy is out for an adventure. In this adventure, she will face monsters like slimes, skeletons and goblins, and she has a limited number of arrows. You should help Foxy determine if she should go left or right. You must upgrade your bow and arrows to go further at each attempt. Don’t leave Foxy alone in this adventure!

Cyber War!

Hey Brave Commander!

It’s time to save your planet from the invaders! Start a journey to build up an army with the money cards you will collect. Purchase the strongest available troops to your team, because a ruthless army will be waiting for you at the end. Be careful on the way, though, and pay attention to the bonuses and traps on the way that could make your team stronger or be their demise!

Reveal Monsters

Do you scare of darkness?

Let’s bring the light there to reveal them, the MONSTERS! Don’t forget to pick up batteries on the road, it will keep the light longer. Rescue the people and kill the monsters for collect money. In the end you can upgrade your gear, life and battery length! Let’s see how long you can go in this road!

Split Knights

Build and Split Your Knights!

Split your knights correctly to win the war and increase your troop count! Be careful for the obstacles and DRAGONS on your way and save the princess!

Paint Army

Paint your enemies! Keep shooting!

Shoot enemies, paint them into your color, scale bigger and heavier! Don’t let them to hit you and finish the game as heavy as you can!

Castle Attack!

Defend your castle!

The enemies are coming! Defend & attack at the same time to save your castle! Give powers to your units and strengthen them and destroy the enemy castle.

Eater Truck

How hungry are you?

How hungry are you? Eat other cars in your way and evolve! The more cars you eat, the more you’ll grow! Be careful with the Boss in the end. It can grind you!

Money Wagon

Fill Your Wagons!

Multiply your money wagons, fill them with gems and golds, spend your earnings to investments! Don’t lose any money and enjoy your fortune!

Strike Hard

Strike Harder!

“Hammers can’t fly” they say, “You are not a bird” they say. But you really, really want to fly and your friends are here to help you!

STRIKE the sledgehammer HARD, and launch yourself from a cannon with mind-blowing power! Soar through the skies, and dive fast onto trampolines to go even further!

Break through glass, wood, stone and iron walls but beware, they will slow you down!

Improve the strength of your friends and the power of their sledgehammers to launch yourself even further!

Show them how a hammer flies!

Pull Race

Win the Race!

Pull the car backward enough to go forward perfectly and eliminate your worthy opponent! Collect the gems, reach the finish line and be careful for obstacles to win!


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